Anyone with plans of buying a used Toyota Hiace Commuter should exercise caution. This vehicle is known as a reliable and high performing vehicle in the market.

While this is the case, the slightest mistake made when buying a used Hiace Commuter can cost you dearly. To help you buy this used vehicle, you should consider the following.


Automatic Transmission

You need to pay close attention to the state of the automatic transmission. If you buy a Toyota Hiace Commuter that has this problem, you will end up incurring high repair costs. It is true that you cannot inspect transmission problems without professional help. However, there are a couple of signs that indicate you have a potential problem. For starters, you should use the fluid dipstick of this vehicle to check the transmission fluid. If it has any burnt smell, that is a sign of trouble and you are far better off reconsidering your options. If the transmission fluid is dirt, it is a sign that you have an internal problem and this could be costly to address as well. The used Toyota Hiace Commuter you buy should not have any of these problems for purposes of ensuring that you benefit maximally from the vehicle.


Test Drive

Always test drive a used Toyota Hiace Commuter before you commit yourself into buying it. This can be done with ease by turning the ignition on and checking the instrument panel. Also, check the warning lights and this includes ABS, engine and Airbag to confirm they all come on as the vehicle starts. When the engine is started, all warning lights should not be turned. Test drive the vehicle when the engine is cold to see whether it will still come on. Once turned on, the engine should not vibrate, make excess noise, omit smoke or shake.


If you see any of these things, it only means that the vehicle is not in as good condition as it should be and hence, you should consider looking for other options. Before you commence, with the test drive, it is important to ensure you are comfortable and safe first. Therefore, take time to adjust Toyota Hiace Commuter seats as well as the mirrors. If there is any delay in the start of the engine, this could be an indication the transmission is having problems. Always keep a keen eye on all the reactions of the used Toyota Hiace Commuter for purposes of ensuring that everything is working in perfect condition as it should be. During your test drive of the Hiace Commuter, you should be on the lookout for the following.


  • Be on the lookout for emission of any smoke.
  • Watch the vibrations and noise
  • Ensure the engine stays within the temperature level that is considered normal.
  • Check whether there is any harsh shift, jerk or shudder when you turn on the car.
  • Ensure the vehicle gives you a stable speed even when on the highway.
  • Keep your ears open for any growling or humming sound that might be an indication that there is something wrong with the vehicle.
  • Be careful to confirm there is no pulsation when braking.


It is only by ensuring that all these questions are answered that you stand the chance of buying a well maintained used Toyota Hiace Commuter that will meet your needs on the road. Do not take any chances when shopping for this vehicle. Unless you are 100% sure the vehicle will not be a source of disappointment, reconsider your options and look for another used Toyota Hiace Commuter that will meet and exceed your expectations. If you find a Hiace Commuter that is well maintained, do not have any second thoughts about buying it because it will be all you need.


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