Do you dream of buying a used Toyota Harrier? People have different reasons for choosing this car over others in its class. While this is the case, some of the common factors that make it a preferred choice include its high performance and reliability on the road, its dependability and fuel economy as well as the high level of safety it offers. Just like other Toyota vehicles, Toyota Harrier is built sturdily and it comes with features that make it a real gem. If you want to invest in this used vehicle, you should exercise caution for purposes of getting one that will perfectly complement your needs. It is precisely for this reason that you need to consider the following.


Research on the Generation to buy

Toyota Harrier is available in different generations which are produced in different years. Consequently, the first thing you need to decide is which of these generations has features and specs that will meet your needs on the road. Once certain about this, take a close look at it to see whether it is the best buy for your needs as a driver. Gather as much information as you can about it and this includes the average price of the vehicle as well as its features.


Set a Budget

Buying a used Toyota Harrier is a major commitment just like buying a brand new one. It is precisely because of this reason that you need to come up with a budget of the amount you are willing to spend on the car. In this regard, there are numerous things you need to factor in and these include fuel costs, insurance, servicing and tax. This is important as it ensures you will be in a position to effectively and comfortably afford the running costs of the used Toyota Harrier you buy.


View the Car

Make arrangements with the seller of the used Toyota Harrier so you can book an appointment to view it. When viewing the used Harrier, it should be in broad daylight not during the night, rain or in poor light. Doing the check any of these times only means you will not be able to notice any signs of rust. Inspect the interior and exterior of this used car thoroughly as well for purposes of ensuring you are getting the real deal.


Look at the Paper Work

More often than not, people are taken up with the features and general appearance of the used Toyota Harrier and as such, they tend to relegate paperwork to the backseat. Ask the dealer whether they can provide the paperwork and study the same thoroughly before proceeding to commit to buying the used Toyota Harrier. You should insist on seeing original service history and registration documents. The VIN numbers and the details on the registration documents should also match up to the used car you intend to buy. When examining the paperwork, there are pertinent questions you need to ask yourself and these are as highlighted below.


  • Does the X-Trail’s mileage increase in a consistent rate?
  • Has the odometer been changed for purposes of boosting the price of the used Toyota Harrier?
  • Are there any accidents you need to beware of?
  • Are there any repair work receipts?


If you come across a dealer not willing to answer any of these questions, you are better off looking at other options in order to buy a used Toyota Harrier that perfectly complements your expectations. Doing all these checks prior to buying a used Harrier is the only way you stand the chance of buying a well maintained, reliable used vehicle that will not disappoint you on the road. Always, weigh your options and carry out thorough research before buying a used Toyota Harrier.


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